Cross Cultural Communication

cross cultural communication

10 Tips for Effective Cross Cultural Communication


Cultural Differences When Communicating

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How does communication vary between those of the same and different cultures?

Same Culture

  • Shared understanding of cultural norms (e.g. eye contact, body language, gestures)
  • Same background knowledge (e.g. where your from, political views, religion, geographical, work place)
  • Shared experiences – same education system, leisure activities, day to day, tv shows, media culture
  • Same language (vocabulary, colloquialisms, pronunciation, expression, tone, prosody)


Different Cultures

  • Different cultural norms must be taken into account, assumptions must be made to fill the gaps of communicating successfully if you are not sure of the norms
  • The same background knowledge is not shared, therefore limited or misinterpreted information may be communicated
  • Some experiences may be shared however the interpretations of the experiences may differ. The relevance and influence of the experiences may differ as well.
  • Langauge is not shared. Therefore vocabulary needs to be altered and may also need to be simplified in order to communicate the message effectively. You may need to write the words down if articulation and pronunciation are causing difficulties.
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What is the value of intercultural communications?

  • To gain a deeper understanding of different cultural norms, specifically in this case education
  • Gaining a more culturally aware mindset when speaking to others of different cultures
  • Learning to better articulate your thoughts and make them clear and concise to all learners
  • Adding to background knowledge
  • Dispel assumptions that we have of other cultures
  • Help us to see our similarities first
  • Encourage us to learn new ways of doing things that are already successful for others
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This blog is a multimodal presentation for our Graduate Literacy class. We will be focusing on the importance of cross cultural communication specifically with the regards to the Chinese Scholars that visited our class. The following blog posts will be a culmination of our reflections and understanding of the interactions we had with them. Feel free to comment and add your input, insights, and any questions you may have.

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